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Hello,  I’m Marty Johnson and I’ve been training dogs for over 38 years..24 years right here on the Central Coast. You have come to this website because you want a better relationship with your dog. Well, you have found the right guy and together we can achieve just that. The most important thing in training dogs is “effective communication”.  Second is keeping it fun and easy for the dog to learn. This creates good, happy and fun obedience. The next step is to teach the owner this same “simple, effective communication”.  Now we have training that is maintainable. Whether you choose my private lessons or my more intensive one week program, the results will be impressive and immediate. When you visit the Rajun Kennels Facebook page you will get to watch your dogs daily progression “almost live”  This has proven to be a very popular aspect that family and friends can share together. If you’re just thinking about getting your dog trained, the videos will show the fun training that you can expect for your dog.

Thank-you for your time and consideration. Hope to hear from you soon,