“We love what you have done for Jake and us – we can now go so many more places together – don’t have to feel guilty about having to leave him at home while we head out for fun – he now goes with us.”

-Raewyn Lindsay-Herman


“Just wanted to say thank you so much for the great work you did with Kia!! She’s so much fun to be around now she listens so well!! She has always been cool but now I believe she’s the coolest LOL!”

-J. Mcafee


“Marty… you are amazing. Everyday when I arrive at work all my friends ask how Rocky is doing and then want to see the daily video. I recommend you to all of them.” 

-J. Kershaw


“Marty Johnson you are wonderful and the best trainer I know! Now that he can ride without driving me bonkers we can go everywhere! THANK YOU MARTY!”

-M. Summers


“Woo Hoo, Marty! I did it! I took Lexi and my  two younger boys to the beach today :) She did an amazing job. Not only did she come running to me when I called her she also would run to my boys when they called. Thank you so much for the extra beach training! We had a blast and can not wait until we can take her back again!”

-K. Kindron Riley