Rajun Kennels

I hope that you enjoy the photos and can get a sense of the happy and fun off-leash obedience that I can achieve for you and your dog. I have been training dogs for over 38 years and my passion for it just keeps growing. I make the training sessions fun for your dog so that we achieve happy, fun, animated good manners and obedience.

Every dog is a family member and I treat them with that kind of compassion. I make their stay with me as happy and comfortable as possible. As my skills have become refined and honed, my training program has become shorter in length. This is all in an effort to get your dog back to its home and family as quickly as possible.

The main focus of my training is now family dog off-leash obedience. This of course includes behavior modification and specific problem solving. For the dog coming in for training, its like coming to a summer camp, meeting new friends and learning new skills for a happier life.

For the family, leaving the dog can be a little stressful. That’s where Rajun Kennel’s Facebook comes in! I will post photos of your dog, and videos of training and social interaction. You get to see it ‘Almost Live’.

My Facebook page is a fun and great way for you to feel connected with your dog during its stay. CLICK HERE and join me on Facebook!

This is a 1 week training program and I only take 4 dogs at a time. Because of this there is often a short waiting list, usually no more than a week or two. So, check out our Facebook page, see what you have been missing and give us a call today. I look forward to meeting you and your dog.